Monthly Archives: November 2013

Father Documents Premature Son’s Amazing Progress on Film

Charlotte Lozier Institute  

Take a moment to watch this fascinating video taken by a father documenting the first year of life of his son, who was born 3.5 months premature, and his incredible progress.   Photographer Benjamin Scot Miller captured the dramatic first year of his son Ward’s life on camera- including Ward’s first 107 days spent in the neonatal intensive […]

Anniversaries and Obamacare

Keiren D. Smith, M.D.  

Today is the one-year anniversary of the big surgery: 78-pound, five-foot-tall “M’, 87 years old and a feisty New York native, was operated on for tongue cancer. The surgery meant removal of half her tongue followed by its reconstruction using the long muscle of her forearm. It included removing all the lower teeth on one side and […]

New Help for Adoption in Ohio

Charlotte Lozier Institute  

By Mike Gonidakis   Ohio Right to Life recently initiated major adoption legislation in the Ohio House of Representatives. When this legislation passes, the choice for life will be much more accessible to Ohioans, and the adoption process will be accelerated and safeguarded in myriad ways.