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Abortion Reporting: Ohio (2018)

Tessa Longbons  

The Charlotte Lozier Institute’s summary of Ohio’s 2019 abortion report is forthcoming.   Ohio’s annual abortion report for 2018 was published in October 2019 by the Ohio Department of Health. The report shows that abortions fell in 2018 after increasing slightly the year before.   Changes in Ohio Abortions, 2017-2018 Information on Planned Parenthood’s Ohio […]

Available Resources from the Charlotte Lozier Institute

Charlotte Lozier Institute  

To view this list as a PDF, see: Available from the Charlotte Lozier Institute   Last updated January 21, 2020   Special Websites  This website includes new videos on therapies and cures using ethical sources of stem cells, blogs on current topics, and a search engine for ethical stem cell research trials.  […]

New Study Shows Unborn Babies Feel Pain at 12 Weeks

Katey Price, J.D.  

“Science Again Points to the Humanity of the Unborn.”   Washington, D.C.  – A new study “Reconsidering Fetal Pain” confirms that babies in the womb can feel pain as early as 12 weeks old. Writing in the Journal of Medical Ethics, Stuart W.G. Derbyshire and John C. Bockmann state: “Overall, the evidence, and a balanced reading of the evidence, points towards an immediate […]

Abortion Reporting: North Carolina (2018)

Tessa Longbons  

North Carolina’s abortion statistics for 2018 were published on the website of the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services in September 2019. Abortions increased slightly from 2017 to 2018.   Changes in North Carolina Abortions, 2017-2018 North Carolina resident abortions only. Information on Planned Parenthood’s North Carolina market share is not publicly available. […]

Abortion Reporting: Minnesota (2018)

Tessa Longbons  

Minnesota’s annual abortion report for 2018 was published online by the Minnesota Department of Health in July 2019. The report shows that abortions in the state fell from the total reported in 2017.   Statistics and Changes in Minnesota Abortions, 2017-2018   Abortion Totals and Trends   In 2018, there were 9,910 abortions reported in […]