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Slight Increase in Abortion Rate Largely Due to Surge in Chemical Abortion Nationwide

Charlotte Lozier Institute  

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 25, 2020   Contact: Prudence Robertson,, 240-672-2828   Washington, D.C.  – Today the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) released new data on abortion rates in 2018. The report generally comports with the preliminary survey of 38 individual state reports released by the Charlotte Lozier Institute (CLI)  in September 2020. […]

Abortion Reporting: Ohio (2019)

Tessa Longbons  

Ohio’s 2019 abortion report was published by the Ohio Department of Health in October 2020. The report shows that chemical abortions in Ohio continue to increase.   Changes in Ohio Abortions, 2018-2019 The report does not include information on Planned Parenthood’s Ohio market share.   Abortion Totals and Trends   In 2019, there were 20,102 […]

Abortion Reporting: Indiana (2019)

Tessa Longbons  

Indiana’s 2019 abortion report was published online by the Indiana State Department of Health in July 2020. The report shows that Planned Parenthood’s share of Indiana abortions fell from 2018, although Planned Parenthood still accounts for well over half the abortions reported in the state.   Statistics and Changes in Indiana Abortions, 2018-2019   Abortion […]

Abortion Reporting: New Jersey (2018)

Tessa Longbons  

New Jersey’s 2018 abortion statistics were provided by the New Jersey Department of Health to the Charlotte Lozier Institute (CLI) upon request in September 2020.   Changes in New Jersey Abortions, 2017-2018* *Trends shown here are based on incomplete abortion data. Information on Planned Parenthood’s New Jersey market share is not publicly available.   Abortion […]

Abortion Reporting: Wyoming (2019)

Tessa Longbons  

Wyoming’s 2019 abortion statistics were published online by the Wyoming Department of Health. The 2019 report is the first public abortion report released by the state.   Because 2019 is Wyoming’s first reporting year, there are no changes from the previous year to report.   Abortion Totals and Trends   Wyoming’s 2019 abortion report is […]