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Map: Assisted Suicide in the States

Charlotte Lozier Institute  

This map shows the status of laws prohibiting or permitting assisted suicide, including physician-assisted suicide (PAS) in the United States. Last updated: April 29, 2021.   To view as a PDF, see: Assisted Suicide in the States   

CLI Comment: HHS Proposed Rule Fetal Tissue Regulations

David Prentice, Ph.D., Tara Sander Lee, Ph.D.   

The trafficking of aborted baby body parts for research is barbaric. The Trump administration was dedicated to ending this practice and protecting the sanctity of human life. Grave injustices were exposed that exploited unborn children for experimentation, but were not fully remedied.   Policy changes brought an immediate halt to federal contracts that trafficked organs […]

Only a Minority of Abortions Are for Unwanted Pregnancies, New Study

Charlotte Lozier Institute  

by David C. Reardon   This is Issue 57 in CLI’s On Point Series. To view this report as a PDF, see: Only a Minority of Abortions Are for Unwanted Pregnancies, New Study   A major abortion advocacy group has recently found that only 42% of aborting women described their pregnancies as unwanted.1 Unexpectedly, 38% […]

The Hyde Amendment is Constitutional and Remains Critically Important

Mary E. Harned, J.D.  

Abortion advocates have always vehemently opposed laws that limit taxpayer funding for abortion. The Hyde Amendment, which Congress has applied to the annual appropriations bill for the Department of Health and Human Services for nearly all of the last 45 years, draws their greatest contempt, because it prohibits the use of federal and state matching Medicaid funds for most abortions—and has likely saved 2.4 million lives. However, for many years the abortion industry grudgingly tolerated lawmakers who supported the Hyde Amendment, for principled or pragmatic reasons, as long as they remained in lockstep with the rest of their abortion agenda.

FDA Decision to Relax Chemical Abortion Rule Ignores the Science, Neglects Women, Places Them in Danger

Charlotte Lozier Institute  

“Our review of all the Adverse Events from mifepristone as an abortion drug revealed serious concerns about hemorrhage, infections, and fetal tissue left inside. There were over 500 life-threatening complications, which would have been deaths if the women had not had timely access to the Emergency Room. These women without access to an ER are exactly the women being targeted with abortions by mail, and those who are most at risk of death by patient abandonment. We know from other studies that reports from the FDA only represent a small fraction of the actual adverse events happening to women across the country.”

D.C. Statehood and Taxpayer Funding of Abortion

Charlotte Lozier Institute  

To view this fact sheet as a PDF, see: Fact Sheet: D.C. Statehood and Taxpayer Funding of Abortion     Medicaid covers abortions only in rare cases. Since 1976, federal funding for Medicaid has been passed by Congress with an annual rider known as the Hyde Amendment, which limits federal dollars from funding abortion except in […]

Questions and Answers on Born-Alive Abortion Survivors

Charlotte Lozier Institute  

Last updated: April 14, 2021   To view this fact sheet as a PDF, see: Fact Sheet: Questions and Answers on Born-Alive Abortion Survivors   Do Late-Term Abortions Really Happen in the U.S.?   Yes. The definition of a late-term abortion is imprecise – and shifting. The gestational age at which an unborn child can […]

Abortion Reporting: Missouri (2019)

Tessa Longbons  

Missouri’s 2019 abortion report was released in December 2020. The report shows that Missouri abortions declined in 2019, reaching the lowest number ever reported in the state.   Changes in Missouri Abortions, 2018-2019 Information on Planned Parenthood’s Missouri abortion market share is not included in the abortion report.   Abortion Totals and Trends   Abortions […]