The Charlotte Lozier Institute (CLI) conducted studies and produced reports on the national impact of pro-life pregnancy centers across the United States in both 2018 and 2020 through its Legacy of Life and Love Series. The studies are a collaborative effort with the national network associations of Care Net, Heartbeat International, and the National Institute of Family and Life Advocates, or NIFLA.

2020 Video: Pregnancy Centers Stand the Test of Time

“Pregnancy centers exist to serve and support mothers in the courageous decision to give their children life, even under the most difficult circumstances. Each year they provide a multitude of free services, including excellent medical care, for millions of women and men. Eight in 10 people involved at pregnancy centers are volunteers, an extraordinary example of igniting points of light in the darkness. Their selflessness deserves to be affirmed and celebrated.”

– Chuck Donovan

National Reports

2020: Pregnancy Centers Stand the Test of Time

Pregnancy centers, tried and true, remain beacons of help and hope in the midst of uncertainty. Through incredible advances in medical technology shining light on the earliest stages of life to a U.S. Supreme Court challenge (and victory) for basic free speech in 2019, to an unthought-of public health crisis, pregnancy centers stand the test of time.

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2018: Half a Century of Life and Love

Pregnancy centers have grown into a global movement and remain “a testimony to love in action.” This report highlights the tremendous service contributions of pregnancy centers, several of the incredible life stories in which they have played a significant role, the numerous ways in which centers enhance maternal, women’s, and child health, and their massive contributions to family and community well-being in the United States.

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State Impact Reports

Co-produced with Care Net

Note: Care Net over the past decade has been compiling “state statistics reports” in various states featuring the total services delivered and people served by Care Net affiliated pregnancy centers.

In 2019, the Lozier Institute promoted comprehensive data collection at the state level by pregnancy center coalitions to count core services provided by medical and non-medical centers alike. Several states – such as Missouri, Virginia, and Maryland – had already paved the way in these published compilations. Additional state coalition leaders took up the task and developed reports in Wyoming and Alaska.

In 2020, CLI and Care Net teamed up to combine data collection efforts and produced a template for two-page “State Impact Reports” highlighting the work of all pregnancy centers in a given state. The State Impact Reports are produced at the request of pregnancy center state coalition/regional leadership and are for use by all of the national network affiliated pregnancy centers (Care Net, Heartbeat International and NIFLA) in the state. The methodology of the State Impact Reports follows the methodology outlined in the 2020 national study, Pregnancy Centers Stand the Test of Time.