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China’s Two-Child Policy Would Continue Crimes against Women and Children

Genevieve Plaster  

Update (1/4/2016): According to a December 27 report from the state-run news agency Xinhua, the two-child policy was officially passed that day and was to be enacted January 1, 2016 (instead of the March 2016 date originally referenced below).


First the [Chinese Communist Party] would kill any baby after one. Now they will kill any baby after two.” – Chen Guangcheng, Chinese human rights advocate (Oct. 29, 2015)


When Chinese mother Sarah Huang learned she was pregnant with her second child, she and her husband were elated at first as news reached them of a new “two-child policy.” Things turned grim, however, when her husband’s employer, the Chinese government, informed them they would be mandated to abort the baby if they couldn’t provide proof Sarah had an IUD inserted. Fearing a forced abortion in the near future, the Huangs went into hiding and eventually risked fleeing to the United States, where they arrived this Thanksgiving.


Only a week later on December 3rd, Sarah Huang testified before the Congressional-Executive Commission on China (CECC) during its hearing on China’s proposed two-child policy. Announced in late October (but yet to be implemented, likely in March 2016), the two-child policy would allow married couples to have a second child legally. Despite misleading language that China is “abandoning” or “abolishing” its one-child policy, the proposed change continues to operate on the same principles of reproductive control that allowed for 35 years of human rights abuses against its own women and children.

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