Abortion Reporting: Wyoming

Charlotte Lozier Institute  

Wyoming has not made abortion data publicly available.


In July 2018, Wyoming Vital Statistics Services responded to a Charlotte Lozier Institute request by informing CLI that Wyoming was unable to share its abortion report publicly.


In March 2019, Wyoming revised its abortion reporting requirements by enacting HB 103, which requires the Office of Vital Records to issue a public report by June 30 of each year. Wyoming Vital Statistics Services informed CLI that the report will likely be available with the rest of Wyoming’s vital statistics reports.


By law, Wyoming collects the following information on abortions performed in the state:


  1. The age of the pregnant woman;
  2. The type of procedure performed or prescribed;
  3. Complications, if any;
  4. A summary of the pregnant woman’s obstetrical history regarding previous pregnancies, abortions and live births;
  5. The length and weight of the aborted fetus or embryo, when measurable or the gestational age of the aborted fetus or embryo in completed weeks at the time of abortion;
  6. Type of facility where the abortion is performed (i.e., hospital, clinic, physician’s office, or other).


Other Available Information


Wyoming reported to the CDC that fewer than 20 abortions were performed in the state in 2015.


The Guttmacher Institute estimates that 140 abortions were performed in Wyoming in 2017.



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