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Advancements in Fetal Surgery for Treating Spina Bifida

Charlotte Lozier Institute  

By Taryn Posch   This last month, the Cleveland Clinic issued a press release announcing its first successful in utero fetal surgery for spina bifida, a congenital condition that occurs in about 1,645 babies born each year in the United States. The baby girl was nearly 23 weeks gestation when she and her mother underwent […]

Science Has Failed to Study Abortion

Charlotte Lozier Institute  

Lozier Institute Scholars Researching Issue Avoided by Scientific Community   Scholars from the Charlotte Lozier Institute are presenting the scientific case for greater research and discussion around abortion—something lacking from the rest of the scientific, medical and public health communities. Recent publication of both peer-reviewed studies and opinion pieces cover late-term abortion, hospital admitting privileges […]