‘The Amazon Of Baby Body Parts’

Charlotte Lozier Institute  

Pro-Life Activists Say They Discovered Fetuses Stored in Paper Bags at University of Washington


Washington, D.C.A disturbing photograph released Wednesday reportedly show human fetuses stored in paper bags inside a freezer at the University of Washington Birth Defects Research Laboratory in Seattle.  The photographs were taken by Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising, Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust, Pro-Life San Francisco, and Rehumanize International.


Dr. David Prentice, vice president of research at Charlotte Lozier Institute (CLI) and an international expert on ethical stem cell research, had this reaction:


“The University of Washington serves as the Amazon for baby body parts.  Harvesting baby body parts and parceling them out like parts from an old car is barbaric.  Storing these organs and body parts in paper bags might be more convenient for their ‘next day’ and ‘same day’ delivery options but only emphasizes how their entire trafficking operation is out of touch with the intrinsic value and dignity of each human being.” 


According to a U.S. House of Representatives investigation, the Birth Defects Research Laboratory at the University of Washington is the largest human fetal tissue repository in the United State and receives taxpayer funding through the National Institutes of Health.


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