Charles A. “Chuck” Donovan

Charlotte Lozier Institute  |  

Charles A. “Chuck” Donovan is president of the Charlotte Lozier Institute. He served as legislative director of the National Right to Life Committee more than three decades ago, worked as a writer for President Reagan, helped to lead the Family Research Council for nearly two decades and most recently has been Senior Research Fellow in […]

Nichole C. Wilson

Charlotte Lozier Institute  |  

Nichole C. Wilson serves as executive director of Charlotte Lozier Institute, where she leads a team of more than 70 scholars conducting science and data research focused on supporting the sanctity of life in the Dobbs era. Prior to joining CLI, Nichole served as counsel to the U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging under Ranking […]

David Prentice, Ph.D.

Genevieve Plaster  |  

David A. Prentice is Vice President and Research Director for the Charlotte Lozier Institute.  He is also Adjunct Professor of Molecular Genetics at the John Paul II Institute, The Catholic University of America and was a Founding Advisory Board Member for the Midwest Stem Cell Therapy Center, a unique comprehensive stem cell center in Kansas […]

James Studnicki, Sc.D., MPH, MBA

Caroline Funk  |  

Dr. James Studnicki was most recently the Irwin Belk Endowed Chair in Health Services Research, and Professor of Public Health Sciences, at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte, College of Health and Human Services. He was the first Director of the Master of Health Science (M.H.S.) Program in Health Finance and Management at the Johns […]

Jamie Bowers

Charlotte Lozier Institute  |  

Jamie Bowers serves as Director of Communications for Charlotte Lozier Institute, partnering with CLI’s network of more than 60 scholars to amplify their research and inform public debate on pro-life issues.  Prior to joining CLI, Jamie served as Senior Director of Programs and Operations for Leighton Ford Ministries, crafting key messages to secure three major […]

Genevieve Plaster, M.A.

Charlotte Lozier Institute  |  

Genevieve Plaster is Senior Editor and Director of Publications for Charlotte Lozier Institute (CLI), where she leads rigorous reviews to ensure CLI’s scientific and data research on life issues is able to surpass the highest levels of scrutiny.   Genevieve has reviewed hundreds of expert testimonies, research papers, and articles while previously serving as CLI […]

Jeffrey M. Staab, J.C.D.

Charlotte Lozier Institute  |  

Jeffrey M. Staab, J.C.D. is Director of Educational and Community Engagement for Charlotte Lozier Institute, where he leverages more than 25 years of experience in education to make CLI scholarship and resources available and accessible for use by pro-life colleagues, allies, and other partners.   Dr. Staab joined CLI in 2020 with responsibility for developing […]

Tara Sander Lee, Ph.D.

Tim Bradley  |  

Tara Sander Lee, Ph.D. is the Senior Fellow and Director of Life Sciences at the Charlotte Lozier Institute, an organization dedicated to policies and practices that protect the sanctity of human life. She is a scientist with 20 years’ experience in academic and clinical medicine with an emphasis on the cause of pediatric disease. She […]

Ingrid Skop, M.D., F.A.C.O.G.

Nicole Stacy  |  

Ingrid Skop, M.D., F.A.C.O.G., is Senior Fellow and Director of Medical Affairs for Charlotte Lozier Institute, leveraging more than 25 years’ experience as a practicing obstetrician-gynecologist to support research and policies that respect the dignity of every human life. Dr. Skop received her Bachelor of Science in physiology from Oklahoma State University and her medical […]

Tessa Longbons

Charlotte Lozier Institute  |  

Tessa Longbons is Senior Research Associate at Charlotte Lozier Institute, where her research focuses on abortion statistics at the state and national levels and the changing landscape of abortion policy, provision, and access in the United States. Tessa has appeared on CBN News and EWTN News Nightly and has testified before Members of Congress on […]

Gabriela Szostak

Charlotte Lozier Institute  |  

Gabriela Szostak serves as Executive Assistant to the President and Executive Director of the Charlotte Lozier Institute. In this position, she provides administrative support to CLI President Chuck Donovan and CLI Executive Director Stephen Billy, and contributes to CLI’s focus on expanding impact and influencing the public discussion on life-affirming policy. Prior to joining CLI, […]

Mia Steupert, M.A.

Charlotte Lozier Institute  |  

Mia Steupert serves as Research Associate at the Charlotte Lozier Institute, where she conducts and edits research on a variety of topics related to science and statistics for life. Prior to joining CLI, Mia was an intern at Family Research Council in the Life and Human Sexuality departments. Her research focused on the inner workings […]

Elyse Gaitan

Charlotte Lozier Institute  |  

Elyse Gaitan serves as Library Associate for the Lozier Library for Life, Science, and Law.  Managed by Charlotte Lozier Institute, the library is a professional-level resource for scholars, academics, lawyers, and policy experts engaged in pro-life issues. Prior to joining CLI, Elyse worked as a Library Assistant in New Jersey and completed a paid internship […]