The Charlotte Lozier Institute's growing collection of research on a wide range of issues concerning life, science, and bioethics is divided into four main categories: the American Reports Series, our major policy studies; the On Point Series, our brief policy papers; Fact Sheets; and Special Reports.
  • CLI Comment on West Virginia Laws and Regulations Pertaining to Abortion

    Charlotte Lozier Institute

    The Lozier Institute filed a comment on a West Virginia law, urging for a gestational age limit to abortions and implementation of health and safety standards for abortion facilities.

  • State Abortion Limitations

    Charlotte Lozier Institute

    This chart lists each state’s abortion restriction statutes based on gestational age, whether a viability standard applies, and whether there is any pending legal action.

  • The Science and Politics of Cloning: What the News Was All About

    Maureen Condic, Ph.D.

    In this paper, Dr. Maureen Condic of the University of Utah explains the derivation of human stem cells from cloned human embryos. Dr. Condic discuss the science and politics behind cloning and why this method is unlikely to ever be the preferred tool of regenerative medicine.

  • The Adoption Tax Credit: Progress and Prospects for Expansion

    Chuck Donovan

    This paper surveys the current state of federal and state adoption tax credits, which provide relief to families who choose to adopt a child. The paper makes several recommendations including making the adoption tax credit refundable so that adoption is an option for more families as it is such a positive force for children, families, and the country as a whole.

  • Abortion Reporting Laws: Tears in the Fabric

    Charles A. Donovan and Nora Sullivan

    This paper investigates national and state abortion reporting laws and policies in the United States. The paper makes several recommendations for streamlining and improving this broken system.

  • The Ethical Stems of Good Science

    Gene Tarne

    This paper examines the funding pattern of the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine, an institution which characterizes itself as the “largest source of funding for stem cell research outside the NIH.” Tarne demonstrates that funding has moved from grants directed primarily towards embryonic stem cell research toward primarily ethical stem cells research - which has been the only stem cell research to date to result in positive treatments for illnesses.

  • Induced Abortion and Risk of Subsequent Preterm Birth

    Elizabeth Ann M. Johnson, M.D. and Steven Calvin, M.D.

    This report examines the growing body of large, population-based studies which have shown elective pregnancy terminations in the first and second trimesters to be associated with an increased risk of subsequent spontaneous preterm birth.

  • The Overlooked Key to the Drop in U.S. Abortions

    Susan E. Wills, JD, LLM

    This report examines the declining abortion rate in the United States and questions the standard line that better contraceptives are the key to reducing abortion.

  • Sex Selection Abortion: A Worldwide and U.S. Problem

    Charlotte Lozier Institute

    This fact sheet presents the skewed sex ratios of a sample of countries, demonstrating sex-selection abortion against females.

  • Pregnancy, Preventive Services and Cost Saving: An Ethical and Economic Mirage

    Charlotte Lozier Institute

    On March 21,2012 the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) published the final version of its advanced notice of proposed rule making (ANPRM) for mandatory preventive services coverage under the Affordable Care Act (77 Fed.Reg.16501); however, only a narrow set of religious organizations, mainly houses of worship, are exempted from the rule.

  • CLI and SBA File Comment on HHS Mandate

    Charlotte Lozier Institute

    The Charlotte Lozier Institute joined with the Susan B. Anthony List to file a comment on the preventive services mandate included in the Affordable Care Act.

  • Sex-Selection Abortion: Worldwide Son-Bias Fueled by Population Policy Abuse

    Charlotte Lozier Institute

    A growing number of legislative bodies worldwide and an increasing number of American states are adopting laws against abortions performed solely on the basis of the sex of the unborn child. This global phenomenon, nearly always carried out against female children developing in the womb, has resulted in an estimated deficit of 163,000,000 girls. This fact sheet lists imbalanced sex ratios in several countries.

  • The Perinatal Hospice: Allowing Parents to be Parents

    Byron Calhoun, M.D., FACOG, FACS, MBA

    This paper explores the branch of perinatal care called “perinatal hospice,” which provides support to parents and care to newborns who have been given a terminal prenatal diagnosis. Dr. Calhoun finds that allowing parents the chance to be parents, even for a short time, is more positive than encouraging pregnancy termination.