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Flawed Study on Pill Abortions Endangers Women’s Health & Safety

Charlotte Lozier Institute  

Experts Call for Unbiased National Reporting and Strict Regulation of Dangerous Abortion Drugs   Washington, D.C. – Charlotte Lozier Institute experts criticized a new study on the purported safety of self-administered, self-reported abortions, calling it dangerously flawed.   Two of the authors of the study, published Tuesday in the British Medical Journal, were affiliated with […]


Ireland High Court: Unborn Child Has Rights “Beyond the Right to Life Alone”

Nora Sullivan, M.P.A  

Earlier this month in Ireland, a High Court judge ruled that the unborn child possesses “significant” rights by common law, by statute, and under the Irish Constitution. Mr. Justice Richard Humphreys went on to say that the unborn child enjoys rights “going well beyond the right to life alone” and that these rights “must be taken seriously” by the State.

The Term “Incompatible with Life” is Incompatible with the Best Care

Nora Sullivan, M.P.A  

This past week, a new campaign was launched in Dublin, Ireland seeking to end the use of the term “incompatible with life” to describe unborn children prenatally diagnosed with life-limiting conditions. The campaign, which is calling on the media as well as those in the medical and legal fields to stop using the term, is part of an effort by the group Every Life Counts, which represents families whose children have been diagnosed with such severe conditions as anencephaly and Trisomy 18.

Irish Parliament Considers Pivotal Abortion Bill This Week

Nora Sullivan, M.P.A  

This week in Ireland, the final vote on proposed abortion legislation is expected to take place.  The Dáil is expected to hear and discuss proposed amendments to the divisive bill, though Taoiseach Enda Kenny has made it clear that one of the most contentious portions of the bill — legalized abortion on the grounds of suicidality […]

Pro-Life Ireland Safer for Mothers, Babies than Pro-Abortion UK

Nora Sullivan, M.P.A  

Last week, a fascinating new research paper was released which demonstrates that mothers and babies in Ireland are safer there and receive better care than they would in the neighboring United Kingdom, in spite of the fact that abortion remains illegal in Ireland.  The paper, entitled Maternal and Neonatal Health and Abortion: 40 Year Trends […]

Ireland Should Avoid America’s Mistakes

Nora Sullivan, M.P.A  

Last Saturday, in Dublin, an estimated 40,000 people came out to stand in opposition to legalized abortion-on-demand in Ireland.  The abortion issue has simmered in Ireland for years, but the tragic death of Savita Halappanavar in October 2012 has pushed the issue to the forefront of national debate.

Saving Savita

Charles A. “Chuck” Donovan  

The tragic news of the death of an expectant mother in Ireland has drawn worldwide attention in a way, it is safe to say, deaths of other expectant mothers (like Tonya Reaves, who died as a result of a botched abortion at Planned Parenthood last July) have not.  The death of Savita Halappanavar is worthy of the closest scrutiny, […]