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Rockefeller Commission at 50: Pro-Life Leaders Reject ‘‘Heartless’’ Policies, Urge Respect for Human Life

Charlotte Lozier Institute  

A Declaration for a New American Future   Washington, D.C. – 50 years ago, the Rockefeller Commission on Population Growth and the American Future released a massive report calling for the United States to achieve zero population growth.   The March 27, 1972, report, requested by President Nixon and authorized by Congress, called for the […]

Forced Sterilizations Expose Population Control Cruelty

Nora Sullivan, M.P.A  

The government of the small central Asian country of Uzbekistan has declared 2012 “The Year of the Family.”  As the Uzbek culture traditionally values the family, marriage, and children above all other things, this proclamation is perfectly in sync with the spirit of the people.  The goals of the year are to increase the number […]