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Paul Wagle, M.A.

Associate Scholar

Paul was diagnosed with Leukemia at the young age of ten.  After a four-year battle, which included an adult stem cell transplant, he has been cured for over ten years.  In college, Paul attained two bachelor degrees with majors in Biochemistry, Chemistry, and Philosophy, with the hopes of furthering ethical cures for others.  Paul did pharmaceutical chemistry research for a time and presented his findings at a national conference.  His research was interrupted when he answered a call to discern his vocation in seminary.  While in seminary he concurrently attained a Master of Arts in Philosophical Studies and graduated magna cum laude.  His qualifying paper defended an objective and intelligible ethic against a physicalist metaethic.  Aware of his many blessings, Paul is always seeking opportunities to use his talents to help others.  In addition to his role at the Lozier Institute, Paul serves as an advisor on two healthcare boards including the Midwest Stem Cell Therapy Center Advisory Board.

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    Paul Wagle, M.A., is the Director of Life Science Development for the lead economic agency in the state of Kansas. Mr. Wagle was diagnosed with leukemia at the age of 10, and after a four-year battle including an adult stem cell transplant, he has been cured for over 10 years.