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Abortion Reporting: Colorado (2019)

Tessa Longbons  

The Charlotte Lozier Institute’s summary of Colorado’s 2020 abortion report is forthcoming.   Colorado was one of the first states to release abortion statistics for 2019, publishing its 2019 abortion report on the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment website in May 2020. The report shows little change in Colorado abortion totals between 2018 […]

Abortion Reporting: Colorado (2018)

Tessa Longbons  

Colorado’s 2018 abortion report shows that abortions in the state increased slightly from 2017. The report was published on the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment website in July 2019.   Changes in Colorado Abortions, 2017-2018 Information on Planned Parenthood’s Colorado market share is not publicly available.   Abortion Totals and Trends   In […]

Written Testimony of George Delgado, M.D., F.A.A.F.P., in Support of Colorado Abortion Pill Reversal Bill

George Delgado, M.D., F.A.A.F.P.  

On Thursday, February 9, 2017, the Colorado House Health, Insurance and Environment Committee held a hearing regarding House Bill 1086 (HB 1086), the Abortion Pill Reversal Information Act. HB 1086 provides that prior to initiating a chemical abortion, a physician must alert the woman to the fact that it may be possible to reverse the abortion should she change her mind and that information on the possibility of reversal is available in state-prepared materials.

A Time for Choosing in Colorado

Tim Bradley  

Voters in Colorado will determine whether physician-assisted suicide (PAS) is to be legalized in their state when they head to the polls this November. California, Oregon, Washington, and Vermont are the only other states that have voted to allow physicians to assist their patients in committing suicide. In Montana, the practice was legalized via a state court decision.