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Abortion Reporting: Texas (2020)

Tessa Longbons  

Texas’ 2020 report was released by Texas Health and Human Services in September 2021, reporting a sharp drop in abortions in early 2020.   Changes in Texas Abortions, 2019-2020 The report does not include information on Planned Parenthood’s Texas abortion market share.   Abortion Totals and Trends   In 2020, there were 56,358 Texas abortions […]

Community Impact: Texas Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers Provide $33 Million in Support for Families

Charlotte Lozier Institute  

New Report Highlights Grassroots Support for Texas Mothers   Washington, D.C. – Pro-life pregnancy centers provided nearly $33 million in total services, materials, and support at virtually no cost to Texas women and families in 2019, according to a new report from the nonprofit Charlotte Lozier Institute (CLI) produced in partnership with the Care Net […]

Science: At 6 Weeks, Unborn Baby’s Heart Rate is Approximately 98 Beats Per Minute

Charlotte Lozier Institute  

Following the Science on Texas Heartbeat Act   Washington, D.C. – With a national debate raging over the new Texas law which protects life from the first heartbeat, what does science say about unborn babies at 6 weeks’ gestation?   “While some people falsely claim that a preborn baby at 6 weeks’ gestation is just […]