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Abortion Reporting: North Carolina (2018)

Tessa Longbons  

The Charlotte Lozier Institute’s summary of North Carolina’s 2019 abortion report is forthcoming.   North Carolina’s abortion statistics for 2018 were published on the website of the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services in September 2019. Abortions increased slightly from 2017 to 2018.   Changes in North Carolina Abortions, 2017-2018 North Carolina resident […]

Abortion Reporting: North Carolina (2017)

Tessa Longbons  

North Carolina’s annual abortion report for 2017 was published online by the State Center for Health Statistics in September 2018. The abortion report is published as part of the state’s Reported Pregnancies publication and contains information on abortions performed in North Carolina and abortions performed on North Carolina residents.   Changes in North Carolina Resident […]

North Carolina Eugenics Victims Still Seeking Justice due to Compensation Technicality

Genevieve Plaster, M.A.  

Debra Blackmon was 13 years old when two social workers visited her home in North Carolina, assessed her to be “severely retarded,” and put in motion the process for her sterilization. The year was 1972. Though the state passed a law in 2013 to compensate victims of involuntary sterilization under the North Carolina Eugenics Board, Blackmon was denied because her paperwork stated that she was sterilized under county authority – not state authority, a technicality written into the law.

Victims of NC Eugenics Program to Receive Compensation At Last

Nora Sullivan, M.P.A  

Despite signals earlier this year that the State of North Carolina would once again not include plans compensation for the victims of the state’s infamous eugenics programs in the state’s budget, it seems that those who suffered forcible or coerced sterilization at the hands of the state will see some restitution after all as North […]

North Carolina Eugenics Restitution Cut from Budget

Nora Sullivan, M.P.A  

For months it has seemed that the recompense due to the victims of the horrific North Carolina Eugenics program was assured.  The measure to award a monetary compensation to these people whose human dignity has been so grossly violated seemed only just and entertained enthusiastic support from North Carolina Governor Bev Perdue, the State House […]

Justice for Eugenics Victims in North Carolina

Nora Sullivan, M.P.A  

The state of North Carolina has now identified more than 100 victims of their massive state-sponsored eugenics program which lasted from 1929 to 1974 according to reports out recently.  In an effort to compensate for the wrongs of the past, Demoicratic Gov. Bev Perdue established the N.C. Justice for Sterilization Victims Foundation.  The foundation seeks to provide justice […]