Charlotte Lozier Institute Presents First Video on Life-Saving Adult Stem Cell Success

Charlotte Lozier Institute  

Today, the Charlotte Lozier Institute (CLI) presents its first-ever video celebrating one account of a life-saving ethical adult stem cell treatment.


The short video recounts the poignant story of Paul Wagle, a young man from Kansas who was diagnosed with cancer at age 10 and endured chemotherapy for two-and-a-half years only to then relapse.


Doctors informed him he was part of the “15% of patients where chemotherapy did not work.” So they gave him another option – adult stem cell treatment – and the rest is history.


See below to watch the brand new video and hear from Paul himself about how adult stem cells saved his life:




Adult stem cell transplant saves Paul Wagle’s life

Many others like Paul are currently being treated with non-controversial adult stem cell transplants, which do not require the destruction of a human life for the healing of another, while many more could benefit if only they knew of this hope.


A recent press release on a February 2015 Lancet Haematology study says the following:


HSCT (also known as blood and bone marrow transplant) is most often used to treat diseases of the blood and several types of cancer such as multiple myeloma or leukaemia. For many people with these diseases the only possibility of a cure is to have a HSCT.


CLI’s new video is located on the website, CLI began supporting Stem Cell Research Facts, a valuable and accessible resource for ethical adult stem cell research and education, in January.


CLI plans to continue sponsoring more inspiring videos like this one to raise awareness about this life-saving, science-based, and ethical option of treatment.


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