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Gestational Limits on Abortion in the United States Compared to International Norms

Charlotte Lozier Institute  

This groundbreaking report finds that the United States is one of only seven countries in the world to permit elective abortion beyond 20 weeks gestation. It examines international abortion policies and finds U.S. laws to be among the most permissive in the world – allowing abortion more than halfway through pregnancy and past the point at which research shows the unborn child can feel pain.

State Abortion Limitations

Charlotte Lozier Institute  

This chart lists each state’s abortion restriction statutes based on gestational age, whether a viability standard applies, and whether there is any pending legal action.

Survival of Extremely Premature Infants Possible, Improving

Charles A. “Chuck” Donovan  

In a new video released by commentator William Saletan at Slate magazine, the author critiques videos released by the activist group Live Action regarding clinics that perform late-term abortions.  In those videos, Live Action shows interactions between women whose pregnancies are in the range of 23 completed weeks of gestation.  Saletan critiques the editing of […]