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Kathleen Schmainda, Ph.D., M.A., MSEEE, BSE

Associate Scholar

Dr. Schmainda’s research involves the advancement of MRI technologies to improve the diagnosis, monitoring, and development of new treatments for brain and other cancers. This research includes experience with software development, clinical trials, use of preclinical models, tissue banking, and frequent interaction with the IRB (Institutional Review Board). Dr. Schmainda is an internationally invited speaker on these research topics and has served on numerous National Institutes of Health (NIH) grant review panels as well as several national advisory boards for clinical trials. She serves as a faculty mentor for medical student pro-life groups and is a board member of the national organization, University Faculty for Life. Dr. Schmainda also co-founded two high tech start-up companies both of which have produced FDA-cleared medical imaging software products used worldwide.

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