Remembering Pro-life Hero Henry Hyde

Charles A. “Chuck” Donovan  

The following article appeared at National Review Online, November 29, 2017


Today is the tenth anniversary of the death of the greatest champion the pro-life cause has ever known, Representative Henry J. Hyde of Illinois. It is hard to believe that this physical and moral giant of a man is gone, much less that it has been a decade since he passed away. The soundtrack of his voice on the House floor plays easily in the mind — there have been few orators in his league, and even fewer who had his wit and genius of expression.


But there is this comfort, always this comfort, in marking the years since his death: At least 600,000 of our fellow Americans under the age of ten are alive today because of the famous amendment that bears his name, the one that treats abortion for what it is — the antithesis of medicine, a violation of the fundamental right of the most vulnerable human beings in our midst.


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