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Abortion Reporting: Minnesota (2018)

Tessa Longbons  

The Charlotte Lozier Institute’s summary of Minnesota’s 2019 abortion report is forthcoming.   Minnesota’s annual abortion report for 2018 was published online by the Minnesota Department of Health in July 2019. The report shows that abortions in the state fell from the total reported in 2017.   Statistics and Changes in Minnesota Abortions, 2017-2018   […]

Minnesota Reports Show Smaller Abortion Centers Shrinking as Planned Parenthood Consolidates into Mega-Clinics

Rebecca Gonzales  

The Minnesota Department of Health publishes an extensive and organized annual abortion report that presents important public health information, including demographic statistics, while protecting the anonymity of women. Additionally, Minnesota reports the volume of abortions performed at each clinic in the state.

Minnesota’s abortion trends provide a glimpse of what is happening to the abortion market on a national scale. Similar to national trends, the total number abortions in Minnesota has decreased, one abortion clinic has closed, several have merged, and Planned Parenthood increasingly dominates the market.