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Charlotte Lozier Institute

Phone: 202-223-8073
Fax: 571-312-0544

2776 S. Arlington Mill Dr.
Arlington, VA 22206

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Search Results for: hyde amendment

The Women’s Health Protection Act of 2013: The Sweeping Impact of S. 1696

If enacted in current form, S.1696 would jeopardize or outright invalidate a wide range of State and Federal abortion-related regulations.

The Democrats’ Misguided Demand for Taxpayer-Funded Abortion

Over the long decades of debate about legal abortion in the United States, there are only a few constants. One of them has been that the Congress will not compel the American people to finance abortions for the poor, federal employees, members of the military, beneficiaries of the Indian Health Serv...

The Effort to Reinterpret EMTALA to Mandate Abortions

The Administration policy is unsupported by the language and history of EMTALA itself, and explicitly forbidden by other equally authoritative federal laws.

March for Life Announces 2017 Theme: “The Power of One”

Last Thursday, the March for Life hosted a Capitol Hill policy briefing to announce their theme for 2017: “The Power of One.” The event also highlighted the importance of the Hyde Amendment, featuring Charlotte Lozier Institute (CLI) senior policy analyst, Genevieve Plaster, M.A. and CLI associa...

Oregon’s Command Performance on Abortion Chains Conscience

Oregon Governor Kate Brown broke what theater patrons would call the “fourth wall” when she signed House Bill 3391 into law on August 14, dragging every resident of her state into the vast public drama over abortion and human rights.

Overview of Michigan Ballot Initiative: “Right to Reproductive Freedom”

This memo is intended to identify a number of likely issues raised by the amendment, and in particular to highlight those abortion restrictions vulnerable to being struck down should the amendment pass. This memo is a high-level summary, and each issue warrants individual attention and further detai...

“Medicare for All” Means “Abortion for All”

Advocates for taxpayer-funded abortion likely underestimated the backlash they would face when they attempted to include abortion funding and coverage in healthcare reform in 2010. Ultimately, the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) abortion-related provisions and accompanying federal regulations marked a...

An Analysis of How Medicaid Expansion in Kansas Will Affect Abortion Rates

This month, the Kansas state legislature will consider legislation that would expand Kansas’ Medicaid program. Currently, the Kansas Medicaid program does not fund elective abortions. However, in April 2019 in Hodes & Nauser v. Schmidt, the Kansas Supreme Court ruled that access to abortion is a �...